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Rise Orthotic & Prosthetic does more than create orthotics and prosthetics ... we give people back their independence, mobility and lives. At Rise, we combine our experience with the latest technology to solve the physical challenges of our patients. We specialize in creating and fitting upper and lower extremity prosthetic limbs and orthotics for patients of all ages, even children. Our expert team works closely with the patient's physician, family and team to ensure the patient's needs are being met and that they are happy with the prosthetic and orthotic care and services they receive.

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Zach Harvey’s patient taking her first steps on a new running blade. Thanks to a Challenged Athlete’s Foundation grant for the blade she is able to run, dance, and be a kid!


I had to have my ankle fused, but that failed, and I chose to have an ankle replacement. I had 3 surgeries to try to fix it, after a year and a half the ankle joint catastrophically failed. I was able to successfully walk from the parking lot to my seat and back at the end of a Broncos game with no issues!


They said I had a condition called “venous status” but we found out later on that wasn’t true. No one could figure it out. We discussed all of the options and after meeting with them it seemed that amputation did make the most sense. Christian gave me confidence and courage. He was like a guardian angel in a lot of ways.


I had a tendon repair re-rupture on the left side and it caused extensive damage. Andy, with recommendation from my PT, to put a buttress on my shoe to keep me from leaning out. After 2 weeks it was better, and I was finally able to walk short distances.


I had apparently gotten an infection called necrotizing fasciitis, and when I woke up in the ICU my leg was already gone. These guys are so empathetic. So kind so supportive so caring. They knew how to get me where I needed to be.


I struggled with 4 knee replacements in a span of 8 years, and They replaced it for a fifth time and I got an infection a year later. Dr. So referred me to RISE and told me they were the best. They are always there no matter what I need, I can’t say enough about them.

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