Do you feel pain in your feet, arms, or back? Have you ever wondered if orthotics could help?

Orthotics for the Body

Orthotics have been around for a long time. People were putting wool in their sandals as cushioning 2,000 years ago, but the first modern orthotics started appearing in the early 1900s.

BlueCross BlueShield defines an orthotic as, “a rigid or semi-rigid orthopedic appliance or device that is used to support, align, prevent or correct deformities, protect a body function, improve the function of movable body parts or to assist a dysfunctional joint. Orthotics may also redirect, restrict or prevent motion of an impaired body part.”

There are different types of orthotics. One of the most familiar types is shoe inserts which are designed to treat a number of conditions and ease pain. These inserts are what people normally think of as orthotics, but there are other types. There are orthotic devices for the back and spine as well as the upper and lower extremities. There are also pediatric orthotics, helping children with disorders and deformities.

You’ve probably seen over-the-counter orthotics in stores. Creative Technology Orthotic & Prosthetic, however, makes custom orthotics in Denver, CO, designed specifically for your body. Creative Technology is one of the first practices in America to be accredited by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics (ABC).  You can view our qualifications here.

Creative Technology Orthotic & Prosthetic specializes in upper and lower extremity orthotics, spinal orthotics, scoliosis bracing, pediatric scoliosis bracingpediatric orthotics, and orthotics for wound care. Creative Technology uses orthotics to treat foot ulcers and Charcot deformities. Contact Creative Technology today in Colorado to learn more.

Other Orthotics Uses

Orthotics have been used to treat many conditions. Healthline, a health website, gives several examples:

● Flat feet
● Plantar fasciitis
● Back pain
● Injuries
● Arthritis
● Bunions
● High arches
● Hammer toe
● Bursitis
● Diabetes
● Heel spurs
● And a lot more

People also use orthotics for less specific problems such as general pain or even to prevent injuries although whether they can actually prevent injuries is open to debate, and more research is needed.

Do Orthotics Work?

Orthotics can definitely ease pain, but they’re not an exact science. It’s an art, and creating the perfect orthotic can be difficult, so it’s important to consult the experts when in need of professional custom orthotics.

It’s also important to check whether a company has been accredited by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics. Our bodies are incredibly complex, even our feet, which is why you need an expert. Creative Technology has years of experience in the field of orthotics and prosthetics. Over-the-counter orthotics work in some situations, but for more complex disorders, you will need to visit the professionals.

Creative Technology Orthotic & Prosthetic had a lot of success using orthotics to treat patients. We combine our experience with the latest technology to solve the physical challenges of our patients, and we treat patients of all ages.  Get started with Creative, today.

Will Insurance Pay for My Orthotics?

Some insurance plans cover orthotics, but others do not. Check your Summary of Benefits and Coverage for more information.

According to an article from Harvard, “Medicare has a program that covers 80% of the cost of diabetic shoes and orthotics.”

If you live in Denver, CO and think you might need orthotics, give us a call. We have years of experience and would love to work with you. At Creative, we combine our experience with the latest technology to solve the physical challenges of our patients. Learn more about Creative Technology Orthotic & Prosthetic.