June is Men’s Health Month! In the field of prosthetics and orthotics, we know that your mental and physical health both work together to ensure overall wellbeing.  While Creative Technology hopes to provide you with orthotics and prosthetics for you or a loved one in need, we would like to take time to celebrate this month by focusing on healthy habits for men to start or maintain your body’s best health.

Habit #1- A good night’s sleep of at least eight hours will allow your brain time to process information and restore itself. A well-rested person will be significantly more productive and in a better mood than someone who is lacking. Sleep helps to maintain weight, improve memory and spur creativity. Whatever profession you are in, sleep will improve your work and keep you focused on what’s in front of you.

Habit #2- A balanced diet can provide you with energy to tackle all of life’s demands. Your diet should consist of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and protein. Processed foods packed with sugar and sodium should be limited or avoided completely. Eating well will provide your body with nutrients to maintain a healthy weight.

Habit #3 – Frequent exercise can increase heart rate, improve blood pressure and strengthen muscles. Aim to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Work with your health care provider to find an activity you enjoy. Regular exercise can increase mood and focus to help you perform your best.

Habit #4 – Drink water! Cutting out the sweet drinks, like soda or sports drinks, will help prevent unnecessary weight gain and will reduce your amount of daily sugar intake. In the summer time, drink plenty of water or try unsweetened tea.

Habit #5 – Meditation is a practice that allows the body to slow down and refocus attention. If you are new to meditating, begin by sitting in an environment free from distraction. Keep your eyes soft and in a forward gaze. Focus on taking deep breaths and filling your lungs with oxygen. It is normal for your attention to stray; simply bring it back with deep breaths and refocus. The more you practice meditation, the easier it will become.

This month we encourage you, or the special men in your life, to prioritize your health and begin new habits that will benefit your well-being. Creative Technology invites you to visit us online and discover the many services we have for you or a loved one.