5 tips for better sleep with a prosthetic limb, prosthesis in Denver, CO, artificial leg, artificial limb, prosthetics and orthotics by Creative Technology.

People struggle with getting thorough sleep for many different reasons. It may be insomnia, sleeping in an uncomfortable temperature, or having a new born baby. There are countless reasons for a lack of sleep, and a patient with a prosthetic limb may experience very unique reasons for not catching enough zzz’s.

More than 1.6 million Americans have some type of limb loss, but this is not to say all wear a prosthetic limb. For those that do, they are able to find one custom created with Creative Technology. We have practitioners proudly serving the prosthetic and orthotic needs of patients in the Colorado area.

Creative Technology would like to provide patients who wear a prosthetic limb with 5 tips for getting a better night’s rest and ways to ensure their prosthetic limb fits day after day.

5 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep With A Prosthetic Limb

  1. Take your shower the night before. Do not take a hot shower in the morning because the water can cause the limb to swell, and prevent the prosthetic from fitting correctly.
  2. Before letting your leg hang down from bed in the morning, which may cause swelling, put the prosthetic on first so it fits properly. As time goes on this will be less necessary.
  3. A patient with an above knee amputation should never sleep with a pillow under their limb. This may cause a hip flexion contracture and they will not be able to completely straighten their hip.
  4. An above knee amputee should also never sleep with a pillow between their legs. This may cause the inner thigh muscle to lengthen and the outer thigh muscles to shorten, changing the way the limb lays when standing.
  5. Do stretches daily to ensure you can straighten your hip and leg, which will make walking, sitting, and lying down more comfortable.

With a custom prosthetic, every patient will have unique experiences that present themselves, from the first day with their prosthetic limb, to many years down the road. Creative Technology Orthotics & Prosthetics hopes to be an active part of their success story. We encourage you to try these tips and find what works best for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Creative Technology in Denver, CO, today!