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For many people, the summer months are a time to take a variety of vacations, retreats and getaways. While it is important for everyone to properly prepare for their summer vacations, those with prosthetic devices need to take extra steps to prepare for a safe and fun vacation experience.  Today, Creative Technology Orthotics & Prosthetics in Denver, CO provides you with tips on traveling safely and comfortably with your prosthetic device.

Tip #1: Inspect your Device – Inspect your prosthetic device for minor issues or potential problems. It would be misfortunate to have any problems with your prosthetic device arise while you are on vacation and away from your prosthetist. If you have any questions or minor issues with your prosthetic device, consult your prosthetist before you take off!

Tip #2: Pack a Travel Kit – A travel kit for a prosthetic user could include items such as antibacterial soap, antiperspirant or skin dressings. Each of these products will help keep you clean and cool when traveling to a destination with a hot climate. Also, consider packing extra garments that you usually pair with your prosthetic device.

Tip #3: Notify Travel Services – If you are traveling by air, call your airline to let them know you will be traveling with a prosthetic device.  They may then help you acquire the proper TSA information to get through security smoothly and problem-free. If you are not traveling by air, but do plan to take a bus, train or ship, it would still be wise to call-ahead so that they can prepare any accommodations that they may have.

Tip #4: Research Hotels – When making travel plans, call a variety of hotels to learn about any accommodations they may have for prosthetic users. You could also use a travel agent who specializes in the area you are traveling to as they may have more information on hotels with special accommodations.

Creative Technology Orthotics and Prosthetics hopes that you and your family have a fun summer vacation! Contact us today or visit our website for all your prosthetic and orthotic needs.